• New ozone therapy videos online

    New ozone therapy videos online

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    The last several weeks have been extremely busy, and we enjoy that. One of the projects that took up a lot of that time was the filming, editing and uploading of our newly updated ozone video. This time we packed in more information for more accessories, bringing the total to just over 33 minutes. However, we also split up the video into individual parts so you can go right to the section that interests you. If ozone therapy is something you want to know more about, or if you have equipment and want to see it hooked up, these videos should be helpful.

  • A brief look at ozone therapy

    A brief look at ozone therapy

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    Ozone therapy is the practice of using ultra pure ozone in a variety of ways, such as insufflations, in ozonated oils, through breathing, in steam saunas or by drinking. It is being used around the world for a wide variety of conditions.

    Ozone is often called activated oxygen because essentially, a third oxygen molecule is attached to O2 (normal oxygen) to create O3 (ozone). After a short period of time the third molecule breaks off and starts attaching to and neutralizing pathogens that can then be eliminated from the body. Healthy cells are protected while weak, unhealthy cells are destroyed. Many users will then use a detoxification regimen or steam saunas to help the body remove the debris.

  • Filtering your garden water the easy way

    Filtering your garden water the easy way

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    Gardeners, especially organic gardeners, are always on the lookout for bigger and better ways to grow fruits and vegetables. Compost teas, the right fertilizer, sunlight exposure times…there are a lot of things to think about when you’re setting up a garden.

    One of the most important aspects of a healthy garden is your water source. Some plants do very well and show no adverse effects from the water that comes out of your outdoor tap but if you’re concerned about chlorine, lead, radon, volatile organic compounds and other contaminates, an alternative may be in order.

  • Four Healthy Homemade Snacks Kids will Love

    Four Healthy Homemade Snacks Kids will Love

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    Getting kids to eat healthy can be a chore sometimes, so here are five tasty treats they might not be able to resist.
    Peanut Butter Oat Bites
    Ingredients needed:
    2/3 cup natural creamy peanut butter
    3 tablespoons honey
    2 tablespoons butter (unsalted)
    1/4 confectioner’s sugar
    1 1/2cups organic rice cereal or Rice Krispies

  • The Health Behind Laughter

    The Health Behind Laughter

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    There are millions of ways to impact your health in a positive way but none are more entertaining than the simple act of laughter.

    The Mayo Clinic, WebMD and many more back up the idea that laughter can produce positive effects in the body. Take a look at some of the possibilities.

    Sleep and relaxation: Norman Cousins, who wrote a book about his painful spine condition, says that ten minutes of laughter while watching comedies gave him two hours of sleep without pain. A hearty laugh relieves stress and can relax muscles for up to 45 minutes.

  • Tips for healthier snacking

    Tips for healthier snacking

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    Snacking isn’t always bad. In fact, it can keep us from overeating during meals or when hunger gets the better of us and we binge. There are ways to do it right, and here are some of the top tips.

    Waiting too long doesn’t help: Long stretches between meals can set off cravings and cause blood sugar to drop. Healthy snacks in between can solve that problem.

    Have healthy snacks out where you can see them: It’s been shown by research. If healthier snacks are convenient, you’re more likely to grab one. A bowl of fruits and healthy bits can be very beneficial.

  • Top Advice for Caregivers

    Top Advice for Caregivers

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    Caregiving is one of the most stressful duties anyone can face. Family caregivers can experience PTSD, depression, high stress and other health problems and I should know. I’ve done it, twice, and the effects can be long lasting. That’s why it’s important to follow some advice that is sometimes too easy to ignore. Take it from me. Don’t ignore it.

    Take Care Of Yourself

    Ill and disabled people are not the only ones who need care: the caregivers do, too. You absolutely must learn to take care of yourself, even when time is thin and stress is high. Burnout is horrendous and can stick with you for a long time (I still suffer from it several years after my mother’s fight with ALS). You must put aside time to relax and do things you enjoy. If someone has a problem with that, that person is the one with the problem (and lack of understanding).

  • The Seattle Food Forest Plan

    The Seattle Food Forest Plan

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    Have you heard about the Beacon Food Forest? If you haven’t, it has the potential to be a game changer not just for the local community, but for others that decide to follow suit.

    The Beacon Food Forest is located in Seattle, Washington, and is designed to be a literal food forest, with fruits from around the world, a berry patch, a nut grove and a community garden where families can grow their own food. It also will have a kid’s area, gathering plaza and a living gateway to connect portals throughout the area.

  • The Top Five Healthiest Cities for Active Lifestyles

    The Top Five Healthiest Cities for Active Lifestyles

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    Determining the healthiest places to live is very subjective and possible criteria changes from study to study. The American Fitness Index puts out a yearly report of the healthiest cities in the United States based on active lifestyles, so if you enjoy being fit and active, here are the top five places for you according to their 2013 report.

    Number Five: Denver, Colorado

    Denver is big for those who love the outdoors. There are numerous hiking, biking, climbing and running trails including the 876 mile Front Range Trail.

  • The Differences Between Steam Saunas and Far Infrared Saunas

    The Differences Between Steam Saunas and Far Infrared Saunas

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    A sauna can be an amazing addition to a home detoxification and care routine. With portable options available, it’s easier to accomplish than ever. But which one is best for your situation and preferences?

    The most important advice about saunas is to get the one you’re more likely to use. No sauna will work if it stays packed in a corner. Here are some tips on how to find the right one for your needs.

    Both types of saunas are used for stress relief, detoxification, pain relief, increasing circulation, boosting the immune system and enhancing skin.

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