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bodyCan exercising for only two minutes actually benefit the body in any major way? If you are stumped, try this question; can stress ever have a positive physical effect on the body? Still don’t know? Well, the answer to both questions is yes. The details for why this is, lie with the mechanics of the lymphatic system.

How Does The Lymphatic System Work?

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system. Lymph fluid is formed when pressure within a capillary vessel pushes it into the surrounding tissue space. The lymphatic vessels then take the lymph fluid into its system of vessels. From there the lymph fluid which is full of toxins, flows against gravity up the body to various lymph nodes. Each lymph node is designed with more “in” than “out” doors. The magic in this design is that the lymph fluid has no choice but to linger in the node where it can be more thoroughly scrubbed clean. Eventually, the cleansed fluid returns to the blood vessels through veins in the neck.

Within our modern world the lymphatic system is expected to do double duty by neutralizing the bacteria, viruses and parasites it has always handled, plus eliminate the various chemicals and pollutants. It is no wonder the signs of a weakened immune system show up in almost every chronically ill person.

The Thrill Of A Quick Fear

What’s the thrill of a frightening movie, or roller coaster ride? Each person reading this would have a different answer to that question. Such questions are just personal opinion queries. There is no doubt the immune system gets a boost when a short term stress like a scary movie occurs. As the heart rate increases the spleen releases additional red and white blood cells. The oxygen level in the body rises from the red blood cells and the white blood cells increase the immune system’s ability to fight any impurities it finds.

Long term stress on the other hand, exhausts the immune system through overwork, leaving the person vulnerable to an array of illnesses.

Maintaining The Immune System

There are two distinct areas in which the immune system must be maintained for optimal health. The system is always in need of nutrients in order to rebuild and create the cells needed to combat the many invaders. Without proper nutrition the suppression of the savage free radicals roaming the body can not be sustained. The immune system craves the C, E and A vitamins. Vitamin C boosts the system with its extraordinary antioxidant capabilities. Vitamin C is known to aggressively fight cancer cells. Both vitamin E and A help the lymphatic system by strengthening infection fighting cells. Along with vitamins, the minerals zinc, iron and selenium are vital for the health of the lymphatic system. All nutrients are best taken in through food, in fact selenium and iron supplements can damage the body if taken in too high of doses. By eating whole grains, dry beans and nuts, the three minerals mentioned can be acquired.

Other than feeding the immune system, stimulating the lymphatic system is essential. One of the best methods of keeping the lymph fluid moving up the body is by bouncing on a Rebounder. The non-impact vertical bounce of the Rebounder can flush the lymphatic system, plus triple the white blood cell count after only a two minute workout. The cells go through a mild squeezing at the bottom of the bounce which helps pull toxins from them. The top of the bounce causes the valves, which keep the lymph fluid from flowing backward, to open wide resulting in a gush of lymph fluid. The changing pressure created with the Rebounder gives the entire lymphatic system a huge boost in fighting toxins, invaders and damaged cells for about an hour. For purposes of the lymphatic system, more benefit is gained by bouncing several times a day for two minutes each than bouncing once for half an hour.



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