Does the Heart Have a Brain?

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heart healthHave you ever wondered why the heart is considered the source of all forms of human emotion? The good (love, wisdom, gratitude) and the bad (fear, anger, jealousy)? Throughout the ages we have believed that these feelings come more from the heart than from the brain.

Why Do You Suppose That Is?

The answer possibly lies in the fact that the heart radiates more electromagnetic energy than any other part of the body. In fact, the heart is like the body’s sun in that it can radiate energy up to ten feet out from the skin. And who hasn’t felt the shine of a person, or the gloom, the moment he or she enters a room? The physical clues are obvious, a happy person generally moves faster and more upright while a depressed person often lowers their head and shuffles. Yet, beyond these physical cues we all possess the ability to sense another person’s mood through the energy they radiate.

The Institute of HeartMath has done extensive research on the heart’s relationship to emotions and especially the negative effects stress has on the heart. Through their studies, they have discovered that the heart and brain are in constant communication with each other. The heart is more than just a pump, it actually has 40,000 neurons of its own with which it is able to send messages. The heart’s neurons allow it some freedom for independent action. This may explain why a brain dead person’s heart can keep beating. The heart has the ability to both remember and learn from its experiences.

So yes, the heart does have a brain, but this fact does not totally answer the question of why we attribute feelings to the heart? Another part of the answer lies in the fact that our emotions strongly affect the health of the heart. HeartMath’s studies have proven that stressful emotions significantly increase a person’s risk for developing heart disease.

When a person expresses frustration or anger, the body makes a hormone that constricts blood vessels, fatigues the immune system and causes the body’s blood pressure to escalate. If a person does this enough times, the heart will weaken under the strain and this can lead to organ damage.

The physical purpose of the heart isn’t to be a stress gauge, but rather to perform the job of providing the various systems of the body with nourishment and oxygen.  So meditate, laugh with friends, take advantage of stress-relieving activities.  It will help.

The Heart’s Work And Needs

Pumping blood throughout the body is of course the main function of the heart. It has two chambers (ventricles) which move the blood through the body and two chambers (atria) which hold the blood that returns to the heart. There are a host of problems that can develop in the heart, everything from Coronary Heart Disease to Congestive Heart Failure. There are four major steps you can take to help your heart remain healthy:

  • Keep your Body Mass Index (BMI) at or below 25
  • Eat five to seven fruits or vegetables a day
  • Exercise two to three hours a week
  • Stop taking poisons into your body (i.e. cigarettes, junk food

Losing Weight

In order to get your BMI to 25 you may need to lose weight. A far infrared sauna is a great tool to help you lose weight. Of course you will need to do the work of eating less and working out, but a far infrared sauna can help you in your quest of achieving the ideal BMI. The deep penetrating heat of far infrared helps the body release toxins that fat cells have been holding onto. Far infrared heat also aids in blood circulation which will directly help the heart maintain its health.

Eating Quality Food

Even though we are born with the instinct to eat earth made foods, in today’s rush it is just easier to race to a fast food place for a quick fix for our hunger.
Exercise 30 Minutes A Day
You may be asking, when do I have a spare half hour? The better question to ask is, do you want to live a quality life for as long as possible? There are easy ways to exercise. The VibraSlim offers an effective workout in just ten minutes. The Resistance Chair provides a low-impact workout that will help strengthen your heart muscle. If you are able, walking is not only an excellent exercise but also helps relieve stress.

Halt Your Intake Of Toxins

Smoking, overuse of prescription drugs, foods laced with unpronouncable chemicals – all of these can have a negative impact on your heart.  Ending your smoking routine alone can have a major positive impact on your health.

So the next time you hear that little voice inside say something like, “You shouldn’t eat those french fries,” or “Get up and move,” think about the fact that this little voice may not be coming from your brain. It may be coming from your heart. Help it out by listening to it.



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